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Andrew Reynolds, Thrasher Issue #363 cover

How California deals with earthquakes. 6.0 this morning in Napa. (Photo credit: Jeremy Carroll)

Kevin Lowry

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Shay Mitchell x Sourc

"Hi, we’re Real Friends from Tinley Park and I’ve waited my whole life for this moment." 
It was very cool to see this happen. From watching maybe ten people huddle around these boys in my basement almost exactly two years ago, to watching a huge crowd point and scream their lyrics at a hometown Warped date. This band is deserving of their popularity and I’m glad that I can say I was a very small part of their journey to this. The house shows they played for DROP will always be some of my favorite shows I put on. But this was unreal.   (at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre)

A Day To Remember, Chicago Warped Tour 2014.
I was pushed from the very back to the front, which makes me even more excited for Parks & Devestations Tour in September. I’m so glad my first Warped Tour experience was crashed by ADTR. 😍🎶👌

MP x Chicago. Photo: @thomasfalcone